Fantasy and My Mind

It is no surprise for anyone who knows me, that I am a fan of Robert Jordan’s magnum opus The Wheel of Time.  How many times have I mentioned it in one of my blog posts?  The mere thought of it fills my boots with liquid and makes me run away in shame.  Ok, maybe not shame, but something.  I run away from it, and anyone with sound mind would do the same.

Maybe I haven’t used it all that much.

The point that I’m getting at is that I am a fan of The Wheel of Time.  Read more


A Placekeeper

I feel like I should write something, say something, but indecision doesn’t change.  Ha.  I made a funny.

I’m taking this week off.  I’ll see you all on the flip-side.  Hope I can make a decision on things by then.


Magic: What To Do About It?

So here’s the thing.

I’ve started this post four times now, all with different topics.  You can see how far I’ve gotten.  Backspace, backspace, backspace.  They were all too dull, or repetitive, or just didn’t have enough content to move beyond the first few paragraphs.  Why bore you with nonsensical bullshit that bores even myself?  Sure, I could throw it all together into some sort of mishmash that is full of non-sequiturs that would make Monty Python flush with embarrassment.

Props if you can follow my mind through that referential quagmire. Read more

Boy Scouts, The Beatles, and Me

About a month ago, I had a hard time.

I know, shocking isn’t it.  Me.  Having a hard time.  The only thing more extraordinary is that I learned today that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  If you ask K, I’m sure that she will say that I get overly excited on certain things.  That, or she’ll say I’m a hypochondriac.  But I don’t think I am….

Anyways, I am getting far afield here.

What I was having a hard time with was a video on YouTube.  And, in the sense of full disclosure, the subject of the video were several kids from the age of 6 to 10.  In it, these kids were listening to a single band’s music, tell us if they’d ever heard the songs before, what they thought the title was, and whether the music was any good.

The band was The Beatles. Read more

Genius and Master — Whatever

I think that Scalzi is right in his view here.  There is a drastic difference in being a master of a craft than a genius at it.  It rings true to the way I look at things as well.

Just posted a thought on a friend’s Facebook post that I think I’d like to expand on here. The friend was talking (basically) about how he was annoyed that the fans of a certain person insisted that person was a genius when my friend saw that person’s output as largely just okay. I wrote: Calling…

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