Music and the Written Word

I don’t often talk about my passions here.  Granted, I think that you get the idea (cough, cough) that writing is one of them.  But what about the others?  Why don’t I mention them all that often?  Especially since blogs—no matter who’s writing them and for whatever reason—are more about the person behind the words than anything else.

Well, today I plan on breaking that habit—at least one time—and talk about music.   Read more

Vocabulary and Other Pitfalls

You know, writing a thriller ain’t easy.

Well, let’s be honest.  Writing isn’t easy.  But that’s not even right.  The basic idea of taking words and placing them in a coherent order to create a complete thought is—unlike this sentence—rather easy.


But take those individual, simple thoughts and combine them in order to create a larger, more complete and complex concept?  That takes a bit more skill.  Most have it.  A very few don’t.  Really, even then, it isn’t that hard.  Only when we start pushing quality and vitality in those very same sentences do things get hard. Read more

My Mind vs. The Schedule of Doom


Here’s the thing: I got to get my life in order.

I mean, it’s not “I’m gonna die tomorrow if I don’t fix this shit” bad.  Nor is it “things are going well, I just need a tune up” good.  Kinda in the middle. I could be doing better, but I could be doing much worse.

So, you know, life.

But there’s some things that I just got to fix. Little irritants which sap a bit of enjoyment out of life.  Maybe its due to physical limitations, but most of the time, its all mental.

Here’s a prime example: Read more

Style. It Ain’t Easy.

So I started writing again.  I was enjoying it, having a ball, and all that.  Then five days later, I stopped.  That night, I decided to trash the whole thing and start fresh the next week.

Yesterday was the first day of that week.  And that was out of sheer laziness.  I’ll start tonight.  Or tomorrow at the latest on a whole different project.

But there’s still that question.  If I was enjoying what I was writing and how it was coming together (if only 3,000 words in), then why did I give it up?

Read more