Do you remember last week when I talked about story ideas?  It was meant to serve as a way to remember what I would like to write next, but also serve as a method to….. Not get sidetracked.



About that….

It didn’t work so well.  No, I’m not working on something new, and leaving my current work in progress half done.  I’m actually happy with it, having just crossed over the 60,000 word mark today.  Not only am I unsure of the total word count, but I am pretty sure that it will surpass my goal of 80k.  That would make it the longest book I’ve ever worked on (and completed) which is pretty damn exciting, if I do say so myself.

However, what did happen is that one particular story idea has stuck with me.  I really want to work on it and ignore everything else on my plate.  There are certain issues with the novel at this stage—that I’ll freely admit—but there’s a certain charm to it too.

Unlike so many novels that start out in my brain, it isn’t all bright and shiny.  In fact, it’s a bit tarnished and dented, much like your grandmother’s third rate silver.  For me, that’s part of the charm.  There’s a realization in there that I do have something to say, that there’s some bit of imagination that’s important to the national consciousness.

Everything else I’ve ever written or probably will write comes from short little ideas.  Questions of “What if?” or “How would that work?” Others too.  This one isn’t a question, but rather a fear.  And if there is a question involved, it’s much more personal, asking me what would I do.

What would I do never enters into my writing.  Maybe that makes it unrealistic, but I think it does the opposite.  It forces me to see outside of the box, outside of my small window on the world and question what really should be done.

Only I can’t do it this time.  This concept hits too close to home for me not to.  But at the same time, I’m sure that it will deal with concepts of loss and redemption, of hope and love.  Of change.  Things we all can relate too.

I know certain details to this novel though.  I know that I’ll be crying over parts of it.  I know that it will tear me apart to write what needs to be said.  I know that it will feel familiar with more people than just my wife and myself.  Details are fuzzy, but the emotional stance is as sharp and clear as the air on top of a mountain at dawn while looking out across the valley spread before you and me.

Ok, that was obscure.  But it’s there.  I know what I meant.  The hard part will be putting it up on a shelf, respecting those dents and that tarnish, while not letting too much dust collect.  Other things come first.  Mostly that all-important, but dreadful editing process for two different novels.

Maybe I can bust through them and start on this novel sooner rather than later.  My fingers are crossed.  Here’s hoping.

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