Music and the Written Word

I don’t often talk about my passions here.  Granted, I think that you get the idea (cough, cough) that writing is one of them.  But what about the others?  Why don’t I mention them all that often?  Especially since blogs—no matter who’s writing them and for whatever reason—are more about the person behind the words than anything else.

Well, today I plan on breaking that habit—at least one time—and talk about music.   Read more


Vocabulary and Other Pitfalls

You know, writing a thriller ain’t easy.

Well, let’s be honest.  Writing isn’t easy.  But that’s not even right.  The basic idea of taking words and placing them in a coherent order to create a complete thought is—unlike this sentence—rather easy.


But take those individual, simple thoughts and combine them in order to create a larger, more complete and complex concept?  That takes a bit more skill.  Most have it.  A very few don’t.  Really, even then, it isn’t that hard.  Only when we start pushing quality and vitality in those very same sentences do things get hard. Read more