Style. It Ain’t Easy.

So I started writing again.  I was enjoying it, having a ball, and all that.  Then five days later, I stopped.  That night, I decided to trash the whole thing and start fresh the next week.

Yesterday was the first day of that week.  And that was out of sheer laziness.  I’ll start tonight.  Or tomorrow at the latest on a whole different project.

But there’s still that question.  If I was enjoying what I was writing and how it was coming together (if only 3,000 words in), then why did I give it up?

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I’m Back. Sorta.

It’s been a while since I’ve been around.  Sorry about that.  But there’s been reasons.  Some pleasant, most not so much.  Depression acting up again and the emotional fall when unrealistic expectations don’t come around all add to the fact.

Plus there’s this lime jello that I’m currently eating….   Read more

I’m Back, and Just Rambling

My mind is feeling very spastic right now.  It’s jumping from place to place to place, the ending never in sight.  I’ve started this blog post several times now—both in my head and online—and nothing quite sits still long enough to create more than one or two coherent thoughts.  Now, some people might take that as a sign and come back later.  Not me.  I’m as stubborn as Grandma’s fruitcake and will not yield.   Read more