Over the past few days, I’ve been fine tuning and tying up some odds and ends for the publication of The Red Dress next month.  It’s included some trials and tribulations, especially for a perfectionist like myself.  I can’t remember exactly how many times I’ve submitted, then resubmitted the book for review, but it has been a fair number.  And I know I need to do it at least once more.

But all this work on The Red Dress has reminded me of writing it, of the events, and of the characters themselves.  Which reminds me of Stephanie Hawthorne herself and her—ahem—characteristics.  I think of her as unique with particular set of characteristics.  My editor summed it up even more simply.

She’s a bitch.

If you want blunt, that’s blunt.  But then again, that’s what we pay our editors for.  To tell us the flat truth and not sugarcoat it in any way, shape, or form.  And to tell the truth, I laughed when she said/wrote that.  I’d just never thought of her that way before, but that didn’t make my editor’s words any less true.  Stephanie Hawthorne is a bit (or more) of a bitch.

Which, for me, isn’t an insult.

It’s more of one of those cases when what is, is.  There isn’t really any dancing around it.  Call a spade a spade.  The woman can make curdled milk look like an attractive option.  Personally, I find it fun to read and watch.  Why else create such a woman?  She serves her purpose without any extraneous flair or polite mumbo-jumbo.  In a way, that’s refreshing.  Gone are the tiptoeing concerns of the overly polite.  Instead, you have a woman who’d rather tell you the flat, honest truth than some empty platitudes.

And right now, I’m finding that an incredibly attractive option.  A distractedly, attractive option. Anyone whose been following this blog can tell you that I’ve been whining like a baby about my writing for a while now.  I’m not at this very moment, but rather just stating an obvious fact.  But maybe Stephanie and Daniel and all the quirks that appear is exactly what I need.

A palate cleanser.

Because they are fun.  There’s no deep meaning in the text.  No stress from interweaving plot points or creating moments of tense excitement for no other reason than to drive the reader nuts.  They are about as relaxing as it gets for me.  And fun.  As I said, a palate cleanser.

So why haven’t I started yet?  I don’t know, dear reader.  Perhaps because I’m sitting here writing this to you.  Perhaps I’m all talk and no action.  Perhaps I am waiting for the first line and story idea to hit me like a ton of bricks.

Who am I kidding?  I already have most of it.  I’m just waiting on a refill of my drink.

The Red Dress comes out later this month!  I’m excited to be sharing it with all of you!  Look for the announcement soon!


2 thoughts on “She’s a Bitch

  1. Yep. She’s a bitch. But what a great character! The story wouldn’t be the same without her. Great post, Nick, as was the previous one. Your writing is really zinging again. I’m SO glad to see that. Can’t wait till The Red Dress is available to the public. They’re going to love it.

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