The Red Dress

Welcome one and all!

Today is a momentous occasion.  For today I bring to you my first novel. . . .

The Red Dress

What is it about?  Well, in case you missed it, here’s the description: Read more


Being Wrong Can Be Right

So I was wrong.

Shocking, I know, that I prove to be as fallible as the next person.  Despite all my attempts at perfection, I’m not perfect.  I sat in shame in the corner for a few minutes, then got up, made a pie, and ate all of that.  To be honest, I’m more ashamed of the pie than of the mistake.

I’m a monster, I know. Read more

She’s a Bitch

Over the past few days, I’ve been fine tuning and tying up some odds and ends for the publication of The Red Dress next month.  It’s included some trials and tribulations, especially for a perfectionist like myself.  I can’t remember exactly how many times I’ve submitted, then resubmitted the book for review, but it has been a fair number.  And I know I need to do it at least once more. Read more