I wish I had something to say.  I really do.  But, unfortunately, I’m too tired, too stressed out, too wrung out from this political season to be of much use to anyone.  My wife is even worse off than I am.  Both of us have, simply put, had too much and can’t even think straight.  

And on a normal day, that might not be too bad.  But today isn’t a normal day.  It’s Nov. 9th, the day after the United States general election.  Emotions are running high and fuses and tempers are short.  Most of us will go through the motions of today with no other intent than to get through the day as we let the long term political and social repercussions process in our minds.

I’m part of this group.  My emotions are wound tight like a jumbled knot with no end.  And they are strong emotions.  More than once, I’ve wanted to strike out like some muscle-brained lout.  Only that will do no good for anyone.  So instead, I will have to sit here and let time go by, hoping that it will dull their strength.

The worst part about this, coming from a very personal standpoint, is that I had set today aside to write my next post for this blog.  Only I am not sure that I can.  Maybe this will have to suffice until I can get things figured out.

Yeah…. It probably will.

I’ll see you all on the other side.

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