The time has come.  I need to do something about this.  This conundrum is starting to become a thorn in my side, especially when K starts talking to me about it.  And she has every right to.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons that it’s driving me insane, though I doubt that it is the only one.  But what’s the issue?

Kristen’s Thriller.

Not the story itself, though it’s more of suspense novel than a thriller, but rather the title.  Kristen’s Thriller is a great working title.  Working titles mean very little in the long run and the only reason I named this one at all was because K asked me to write the story for her.  Most of the time, I don’t actually name any of my work until it’s completed.  In my screwed up little mind, a title should reflect the content of the story, but how can I know the content before the story’s finished?

I think naming the novel Kristen’s Thriller has screwed me over in a way.  The time needed for a title to brew has come and gone.  But everything’s been shunted aside thanks to the Work-in-Progress title.  That’s what I think of the novel as, but dammit, I cannot go on calling it Kristen’s Thriller.

Granted, it is glorious that I named something after my wife, but shall I start listing the problems with that title?  No?  Then let me tell you just one.

There is not a single Kristen in the entire book.

No character.  No item.  No plot device.  Not one single mention of a word that starts with a “kr” and ends with an “en”.  There isn’t even a variation on the spelling of Kristen.  No Kristin, Kathy, Kristy, or Kat.  Nothing about a Kristyn, Katrina, Kris, or Kristina.  Not one word.  So, if in my tiny head, the title should reflect the book, how in the world can I call it Kristen’s Thriller without a Kristen?

There’s the new title:  Kristen’s Thriller minus the Kristen.

Pfui.  I think that will work as well as using bricks for a parachute.  So I’ve got to come up with some new name, but everything I’m thinking of is rather dull and doesn’t give the scope of what’s going on.  Originally, I wanted something to do with sleep in the title, thanks to the backstory, but have since canned that idea thanks to some conversation with K.  Sleep no more; I can’t believe I thought that was a decent idea back in the day.  Ugh.

So my next big step with this thing is to come up with a name that sticks in your head but will also fit the book.  Maybe something will pop up when I start going through it with a fine tooth comb.  The novel needs to be edited yet.  Who knows?  An idea may appear out of nowhere and be the perfect fit.

That would make my day.


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