So it has been a week since I posted the first glimpse into my forthcoming novel The Red Dress.  I cannot be happier.  Thank you everyone for the interest and support!  It has been a boost and boon and it means the world to me.  And if you haven’t read it yet, you can find the link here and its follow up here.

But as much as I would love to stop here and rest on my laurels, that, sadly, is impossible.  There will be more to come from The Red Dress in the future.  A couple of people have given me a few ideas on what else to do, and a couple of them could prove very interesting.  Hence the fact that there is more to come.  More excerpts.  More interviews.

More, more, more.

But do you know what else this means?  Slowly, ever so slowly, I am starting to get a handle on all the things that I need to do for publishing this novel.  I’m sure that the second one will be much, much easier than the first, but I still need to get through this one.

Frankly put, I still have a lot of work ahead of me.  I’m almost 25% (or maybe 50% depending on a particular decision) done.  But that is only with this novel.  The last novel I finished—the infamous Kristen’s Thriller—is still in its first draft.  Editing needs to be done.  Money needs to be found for an edit with an editor.  Other such projects that are all tied into getting a book ready for publication.

This isn’t even including the urge I’m having to start writing the next one.  And while I’ve taken a small break from Stephanie and Daniel since finishing The Red Dress, they are pulling me back into their world.  Working with The Red Dress has only made that draw worse.  Soon enough I will have to give in.  Then Stephanie and Daniel will again interact with the world.

Now, I’m not complaining.  This is the world that I’ve chosen to live in.  And it is glorious in all its hardships and victories.  It isn’t an easy place, but I love it.  And we all know how important it is to love one’s work.  Makes life so much more enjoyable.

So I will be back next week talking about something else, I’m sure.  But until then, if you haven’t taken a look at the excerpts from The Red Dress, please do so.  They will give you a taste of what’s to come.

And more is definitely coming.

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