Local socialite Andrea Swope died late last night, apparently murdered in her home.  Mrs. Swope was late for a family gathering to celebrate her wedding anniversary when her son, Robert Swope, found the body.

Mrs. Swope was the wife of prominent lawyer Arthur Swope, best known for his successful defense of Andrew Trakenburg.

According to the official police statement, the house was ransacked with several family heirlooms and other valuables reported missing.  Current speculation suggests Mrs. Swope startled the robbers in the middle of their burglary.

Evidence indicates that Mrs. Swope  didn’t struggle with her attackers.  There are few details at this time.  At the time of publication, James Hawthorne, police inspector in charge of this murder, had little to say other than to confirm that a murder had happened and that no arrests were pending.

“We are currently investigating any and all leads connected to this case,” James said.  Moments later, he was pulled away by Alexander Long of the District Attorney’s office.  No further comments were made.

Andrea Swope was a local celebrity who worked with several charities and championed countless causes, including school reform and animal rights.  Over the course of her career, she garnered the love of thousands and raised over $10 million for her causes.

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