I don’t have a lot to say this week.

Actually, that’s a lie.  I have plenty to talk about, yet all of it seems to pale against what I have planned for next week.  That’s something to be excited about.  But you all are going to hate me, since I’m not willing to tell you quite yet what that is.

It’s a surprise!

Ok, maybe not that big of a surprise.  A few people in the know have an idea what it is.  And to those people, please don’t give it away.  I’m looking at you, K.  But I suppose that I’ve dropped enough hints through the past few months that any observant person could figure out what is going to happen.  Stealthy, I am not.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t try.  I try all the time with K.  She says she hates surprises, though whenever I pull one, she seems to enjoy it.  Probably because it usually has something to do with one of those activities I hate.  I’m sure all you couples out there know what I mean.  She likes one thing.  You don’t.  You do it anyway because you love her.  That type of thing.

So I don’t stop.  Nor will I in the near future.  She’s only 30, and in better health and shape than I am.  There is no reason to hold back on the surprises just yet.

The same goes for here, though I doubt that I will be jumping out of boxes and from behind door jams on this blog.  Imagine that if you will.  Boo!  Somehow I doubt that was the same.  But if I startled anyone, please have my deepest sympathies.  But you should have seen that coming.

Just like what I have planned for next week.

And so we come full circle.  Back to the beginning and the surprise to be.  Please tune in next week and join in on the fun.  I’m sure that it will be a blast!


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