If it isn’t obvious, over the past few years, I’ve talked a lot with and about Rachael Ritchey.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, let me give you a brief background.

Actually, I lied.

I’m not going to tell you a thing.  I know that sounds rude, but why should I tell you everything about the other person who’s already in the proverbial room?  So with no further ado, Rachael Ritchey everyone!

Rachael: Hi all! And thanks for having me on the blog today, Nick!

Nick: Hello Rachael!  You’re more than welcome to stop by any time you want.  Can I impose on you enough to tell these good folks all about yourself?

Rachael: In true author pun-manship, I’m an open book! Haha. About me, huh? Okay. I’m a wife, mom, and author of fiction for the whole family. I live in the Northwest United States and consider myself an outdoorsy type. If you happen to have coffee and/or chocolate then I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends. I live the glamorous life of an author doing the usual author-type stuff: laundry, cleaning the bathroom, making meals, cleaning up after, doing dishes, vacuuming, building decks, repairing drywall, painting it…oh wait. That’s the flip side of this author coin! I am an expert rambler. I love making friends and keeping them, too.

N: It’s been a while since the two of us started talking, hasn’t it?  I am trying to remember those first conversations, but I can’t.  At least not much beyond the image of you, Job Merkel, and I photoshopped as Gimli, Legolas, and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.  It looked funny with my foot taking the place of Gimli’s head.

R: Yeah, and here’s that photo, just ‘cause I keep the cool stuff.


N: Oh my word!  There it is!  I can’t believe that you kept that.  What do you remember about our first conversations?

R: We started talking on Twitter, and I really can’t remember what brought the conversation about. It certainly morphed a few times and brought us to the point of becoming the team of elf, dwarf, and human. Too bad we can’t remember. It had to have been a grand tweetersation (that’s my word for Twitter conversation.  I’m writing my own dictionary.).

N: So, you are here today to talk about your new book, Captive Hope.  What can you tell us about it?

R:  It’s got a cover, is zeros and ones floating in cyberspace or the pulp of dead trees glued together (which sounds kinda gruesome now that I think about it), about 416 pages long—

N: *Sigh* Rachael. . . .

R: Not what you were expecting for an answer? Well, aren’t I just full of surprises? Or I’m snarky. Take your pick.

Captive Hope is historical fantasy fiction set in a made up world, complete with map. It’s a love story and one about brokenness born out of choices. I tend to hone in on the redemption aspect of the whole thing.  There are knights and horses, noble ladies, sinister bad dudes, pirates, open seas, far off lands . . . adventure. *sigh* I love a good adventure. Don’t you?

N: I’m part of the generation raised on The Goonies and the Indiana Jones Trilogy.  Adventure is in my blood.  Or at least, it’s in the blood of entirely imaginary mental picture of have of myself.  Back to the book, though.  That sounds really interesting.  It’s the sequel to your novel The Beauty Thief, correct?  What do we have to know about The Beauty Thief going into Captive Hope?

R: Yes, sirree Bob. You are correct. You win a prize! Here’s a picture of some fruit.


N: Mmmmm. . . .  Apples. . . .

R: You’re welcome. J So, The Beauty Thief.  It’s the beginning of the series of magical realism based in a fantasy world. In the first book, a thief steals the beauty of Princess Caityn. Her cousin, Lady Idra, is loyal and stays by her side to the end. Captive Hope continues Idra’s story which started in book one, though she was a minor character. Each book stands alone, but I really do think they work better when read together.

N: I know that you sent me a ton of stuff in an email about Captive Hope, but I will admit, I didn’t read a lot of it.  There wasn’t enough pictures.  But I did see that there was a YouTube video for your book.  Did you make that yourself?  What was it like?

R: Oh yes, yes. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures. I was in a bit of a rush. I do so love a good pic. In fact, I did use some pics in that book trailer! I made the video myself, which I hope you don’t hold against me. I enjoy using art and design programs. I like making the book trailers except for when it comes time to convert the program files to AVI or MPEG format, which I’m at a loss as to what is the correct standard to use. Not to mention, the file size is huge sometimes and will take twenty years to upload to YouTube. That’s only a slight exaggeration, I might add. If anyone happens to know how to properly size a video and zip or whatever it takes to load it to the net while still retaining great quality video, please school me in the fine art of it!

N: I suppose that after talking about it, I should post the video itself huh?  Well, here it is.

(I’m sorry Folks, but I can’t seem to get the video to work.  But this is the link!)

N: That was great!  Any advice for those of us who are thinking about doing similar videos for our up and coming novels?

R: Be smarter than Rachael? That’s not too difficult so might not be the best advice.

N:  Now you’re being hard on yourself.  Seriously, what are your thoughts?

R: Hmm…the best advice I can give if you’re dead set on making your own is to watch a whole bunch of book trailers from your favorite books and those of a similar genre before you start. Pay attention to length; layout; music score; vocal, written-only, or combination narration; video vs photo use, movement, etc.

N: Now, before you go, I heard something about a giveaway. . . .

R: Oh yes, I do so love a giveaway! This is an easy little drawing that involves free stuff.


R: You heard right. Freeeeee stuff. Just click here to sign up for my painless and spam-free email newsletter, Life in the Writing Lane, between now and February 10th, 2016 to be entered to win one of three cool prizes:

  • 1st: ebook of Captive Hope& choice of one from a host author 
  • 2nd: ebooks of Captive HopeThe Beauty Thief
  • 3rd: ebook of Captive Hope

Can’t beat that!

N:  Well, thank you for stopping by Rachael.  Any last thoughts you want to share with my readers?

R: I probably talk too much as it is, but I’ll say one last bit because I can. I wrote the story with young adults in mind, but heck, there’s still a young adult living inside my head, so I think it’s good for just about any age reader. And remember? AD-VEN-TURE. 

N: Oh!  Before I forget, those blog battles we started almost a year ago—anything you want to share about those?

R: Always! Blog Battles are all about encouraging and sharing to improve our writing. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing, you are welcome. We all have something new we can learn, and whoever thinks otherwise is a fool. See how nice I am with my straightforward, no nonsense talk? Ahem. You, in the back. That was a rhetorical question. So anywho! Come battle with us! It’s a weekly one word prompt short story challenge. Click here: Blog Battle for the basic rules and instructions!

N: We’re coming up on the one year anniversary soon.  Any special plans there?

R: Just a few short weeks away! I can’t believe it. I wanted to have a party. Solveig suggested an anthology be compiled of winning stories. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Actually, Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore and I were discussing the anniversary some weeks ago. We’ll have to revisit that conversation. I can’t believe how quickly time as flown by! Got any great ideas to celebrate?

N: Me?  Ideas?  Faw.  I’m not an idea man.  Well, maybe I am, but most of my ideas are as complex as overthrowing a small country.  I’m talking to you, Cuba! Well, I don’t have any great ideas right now, but if I do, then I’ll be in touch to share.  Thanks again for stopping by Rachael.  Where can we find Captive Hope and The Beauty Thief?

R: Thank you for having me over, Nick! It’s always a pleasure chatting it up with you, even if your foot doesn’t really transform into the face of a dwarf. 

N: Who am I kidding?  I’d be entertained by that.  For about a day.  “Hey Mom!  Look at my dwarf foot!”.  Anywho. . . Back to your books.

R: There are tons of places to find both books! Here’s a bunch of easy links to The Beauty Thief:

Amazon USA — Amazon UK — Amazon France — Amazon Germany — Amazon India

Barnes & Noble — Smashwords — Kobo — iBook/iTunes Apple — CreateSpace

 Here are places to get Captive Hope:

Amazon US – Amazon UK – Amazon France  Amazon India  Amazon Germany 

Smashwords – Barnes & Noble  Kobo  CreateSpace – Apple iBooks/iTunes

N:  For anyone interested, you can connect with Rachael on:

Her blog: http://www.rachaelritchey.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/writingraci/

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rachaelritchey

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13513799.Rachael_Ritchey

R: Thanks all! Looking forward to connecting with you!

N: Thanks again for stopping by!


10 thoughts on “Interview with Rachael Ritchey: Author of Captive Hope

  1. I want to be Gandalf!!! 😀
    This was a blast of fun to read. You guys just have too much fun on twitter me thinks. 😉
    I wish I knew more about making videos, but I don’t know zip. If anyone here does, I could use some advise too!

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