It took a long time, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve crafted a book blurb that I’m happy with. Did it all by myself—

Yeah, I can’t keep a straight face either.

So many people helped in crafting this that it’s practically impossible to thank everyone.  But there are a few people I want to send a shout out to:

Rachael Ritchey

Kyle Hughes

My editor Susan Hughes

and above everyone else, my wife Kristen.

Without these people, I wouldn’t be so happy.  So thank you everyone. This goes out to you.

Now, here we are—the big reveal.

I present to you, the final book blurb for The Red Dress:

Not everyone can run a private detective agency with their spouse, but Daniel Atwell loves working with his wife Stephanie Hawthorne, despite the constant competition from her romance novels and her homemade sweaters which look like the worst styles from the 1980s combined with a Jackson Pollock painting.  Sure, they make a great team, but he’d go crazy if he didn’t push her buttons as often as he could.  Perhaps that’s why he agrees to see Andrea Swope, an old girlfriend who wants help in curbing her husband’s infidelity.  Yet the old flame doesn’t care who she upsets, so Daniel isn’t surprised when Stephanie kicks her out.  When Andrea is murdered in a botched robbery that night, the police kick off a citywide manhunt for the killer.  It appears to be an open and shut case.

Months later, the police are stumped and the grieving widower turns to Stephanie for answers.  Stephanie is more than willing to help—for an exorbitant fee.  Soon Daniel learns enough about his old sweetheart that he wants to lead the lynch mob himself.  Yet, not everything is as it seems.  Daniel soon has his hands full with a shady animal shelter and an uncooperative local political campaign.  Now if he could only figure out what it all has to do with a certain missing red dress.

Does it sound interesting to anyone else?

Currently, I am sending out query letters. My fingers are crossed that you will see The Red Dress in print sooner than later.  What do you all think?



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