Rachael interviewed me for winning two #BlogBattles running. Here’s the interview. Go and take a look everyone!

Also, I want to give a shout out to my good friend Rachael for these #BlogBattles. She’s provided me with great energy and advice throughout the years. Thank you, Rachael! Here’s to many more.

Rachael Ritchey

Not once but two weeks in a row Nicholas’s stories were top voted for #BlogBattle. The first, Fortunato’s Chains, is an homage to Edgar Allen Poe. The second, Kristen’s Thriller, is dedicated to Nicholas’s wife. 🙂

Nicholas has been around since the very beginning of #BlogBattle, and it’s because of a silly conversation he and I were having on Twitter that the whole idea for the battles came about. He’s such a witty, introspective, and constant man. I’m happy to call him friend. I hope you’ll get to know him a little better today as we ask him a few questions.

1) At what point in time did you decide, “That’s it! I’m writing and nobody is gonna stop me”? What doubt might you have overcome?

I never had that moment.  My wife and parents always supported me in my endeavors.  So if anyone was stopping me, it…

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