For those who don’t know, I finally finished my final draft of my novel The Red Dress last night.  Coming fresh of that high, I decided to take a second shot at the blurb for the novel.

Last time, I received some solid feedback.  Thank you everyone for that.  I really appreciate it.  And I carefully considered your words when tackling this blurb for the second time.

So, without further ado, I give you the new blurb:


Andrea Swope, philanthropist and society woman, is killed on the eve of her wedding anniversary.  With the police stumped, her grieving husband turns to Stephanie Hawthorne and Daniel Atwell for answers.  But Daniel knows that working with a genius who is more interested in romance novels than earning a paycheck isn’t easy, even if she is his wife.  Thrust into a world of intrigue, sex, and politics, the couple must uncover hidden motives if they are going to catch a murderer.


What do you think?  Any critiques?  Thoughts?  Please leave a comment below!



3 thoughts on “Book Blurb: Round 2

  1. Instead of “your wife” it should probably be “his wife.”
    Maybe reword the last line? For some reason, it didn’t deliver the punch I know you want to give.

    Just thoughts to get the creative juices flowing: “Thrust into a world of intrigue, sex, and politics without a clear motive in sight, the couple must uncover the truth if they ever hope to catch a murderer.” . . . or . . . “If Stephanie and Daniel ever hope to catch the murderer, they must do the impossible: expose hidden motives in a world of intrigue, sex, and politics.”

    I think blub 2 is definitely an improvement! 🙂 So excited you got it done, Nick!


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