I know that I’ve talked about music before in this (and my old) blog.  It’s one of those staples in my life that I have a hard time describing it without applying music to it in some form.  My fascination predates my nerd cred, my education, and almost my obsession with the written word.  It’s an old and dear friend.

It’s an eclectic taste, I tend to feel.  My CD collection—and yes I still have and use CDs—has The Moody Blues and Stone Temple Pilots next to Beethoven and the Original Cast Recording of The Phantom of the Opera.  Johnny Cash is in there as well, best friends with Eminem and The Talking Heads.  This doesn’t even touch upon my addiction to Jethro Tull and The Beatles.  They are all in there, and more besides.

The odd thing for me is that when I play DJ—another aspect of music that I happen to enjoy perhaps a bit too much—only rarely do people complain about the music selections.  And even then, they aren’t too upset.  Only K seems immune to my musical charms.  But then again, those inoculations occurred on our wedding day.

I love you dear.

But then again, she’s turned me on to some solid music herself.  X Ambassadors, Civil Twilight, The Civil Wars, and more came from her.  And when I go and introduce some of those songs and bands to other people, they have the same reaction as me—that is some solid music.

Honestly, I don’t quite understand how that works for me.  Maybe I’m full of hot air and people are just being polite.  Maybe my taste in music does stink worse than last week’s garbage.  I just don’t think so.  But if I am, then so be it.  Everyone is allowed to love music in their own way and form and style.  I get that wholeheartedly.  Music is part of my life and I won’t surrender it for nothing.

So I will leave you with this, the song that I’ve had on repeat for half an hour now as I play Free Cell and dream up this post.  I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do:

What’s the most eclectic thing in your music library?  What song or album seems like an embarrassment but you love?  I got several (Scarlett Johansson’s Anywhere I Lay My Head, Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping, Cotton Eye Joe), but I want to hear from you.  What music do you love?  Why?


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