Interesting, though I’m not sure I 100% agree.

What does everyone else think?

The Politics of Writing

To all fiction writers, and even nonfiction writers, one of the most discouraging issues encountered is to find a suitable voice for their writing. Often times when reading the work back over they’ll find that it is too dull or or that it is unmemorable. This is a simple issue but it is also a crucial issue. Some writers are so outright with their voice that just by a single excerpt readers will know who’s work it is. Other writers are more subtle with their voice. Just to get a general idea of what voice is, this video nicely explains.

The first thing to do is it actually identify what you’re trying to say. Take fiction for example. When crafting a story the writer has to consider what point of view would fit best and what tone the story should have to be the most effective. Some writers will…

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2 thoughts on “Finding a Voice in Your Writing

  1. I think he makes a point saying “…the voice of the story can reflect the character more than it reflects the author.”
    I thought the article would be about one writing everything in a specific way to “sign” it, if you will, so all the stories would “sound” the same.
    I can’t say I agree with the entire piece, though. It is an interesting perspective, let’s leave it at that, okay? 😀

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    1. I see what he’s saying, but I think that no matter what, some aspects of how we view the world and what we hear and all those little tidbits will seep through no matter how much we try to control them. Do we hear and speak in complete sentences? How we construct thoughts and ideas? That stuff, those things, I’m not so sure that we can hide like he suggests. Diminish, yes. Hide, I don’t think so.

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