If you asked my wife, that would be Metal Gear Solid V.  But she’d be wrong.  I’ve been addicted to that game series longer than I’ve known her.  It’s the video game franchise that predates my marriage.  Love comes and goes, but video games are forever.

Don’t tell her I said that, OK?

No, according to me, my latest addiction has to do with one of my other interests: Music.  I’m a bit ashamed of this, so I’ll just put it out there.  I can’t get me enough David Bowie.  The thing is, I’ve listened to him off and on throughout the years.  Love me some Space Oddity or Life on Mars, but lately I’ve been hitting repeat on entire albums.  Can’t get enough of The Man Who Sold the World or Ziggy Stardust.  It doesn’t stop.

Not that there’s anything wrong with listening to David Bowie.  He’s a fantastic performer who has left an indelible stamp on music.  I respect that and what he’s done.  The shame comes from two other directions.

  1. All I have, every David Bowie song, comes off of a greatest hits album.  That limits me to only the popular tunes and prevents me from digging deep into his catalog to find those gems that didn’t get radio play.  Or at least limited radio play—a la Stairway to Heaven (One of the most popular rock songs of all time and never released as a single).  At least, in my mind, there is a connection.  Of course, the solution is to start picking up albums and listening to them.  Easily enough fixed.
  2. It took me this long to appreciate his music.  That is ridiculous.  I should have well before now.  Blinded by my own narrow-mindedness.  The same thing happened to me with Bob Seger—though not to the same extent.  What I need to do is start listening more.  Actually listening better.  Noticing what’s out there with an open mind.  The same thing happens to me with books on occasion.  That phrase—Never judge a book by its cover—comes to mind.  Think I can apply it to music as well.

So if you all will pardon me, I’m off to spend some money.

Has this happened to anyone else out there?  Which bands/artists?  Curious.  Always looking for a good listen.


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