Recently, I have taken a break from writing so I can take a look at my life, figure stuff out, and form some strong, positive habits.  This doesn’t mean the story ideas stop coming or that I stop thinking about writing.  Exactly the opposite actually.  They are coming faster and stronger than ever before.  My hands are shaking and itching to pick up a pen or type on a keyboard.  It’s like withdrawal.

I find myself dreaming up the next story, the next plot device, and dreaming of when I get to use them.

And the time is drawing near.  I can feel it.  Probably within a week or two.  I’ve already started sketching out opening scenes in a notebook I have a home (Promise, none of them have to do with a virtuous semicolon).  And I think I know what I’m going to write.  As much as I love Stephanie and Daniel, I think it might be best that I bow away from them until I get The Red Dress off the ground (which is proving more difficult than I originally thought).  What I have in mind is a mix of. . . .

Well, maybe I should keep that to myself until I actually see what I have on my hands.

But I’m looking at two issues with this novel thus far.  I’m sure that there will be more as time goes on, but these two are what’s holding me back as of right now.  I am unsure about the motivation of the characters.  I know what I want them to do, but why is a harder question.  And greed seems like a flimsy excuse.  Does it come into play?  Yes, but humans are motivated by more than that.  So I feel it needs something else.  Something else for a bigger payoff in the end.  Perhaps it will come to me before I start writing, maybe not, but I’m sure it will come in time.  I’m just thinking about it now.

The other thing is the point of view.  First person or third?  That is the big issue.  We all know that there are benifits to both, but how they apply to this story is a whole different game.  And, sadly enough, I think I would need to tell you more about the story in order to create some useful feedback.  You can’t form a conclusion without facts, and I’ve been stingy with them.

I’m not really looking for help.  I’m just venting.  Letting off a little steam.  I think I know which way I’m going go on that, but it’s far from decided.  So, all in all, it isn’t that big of an issue really.  My mind just makes it seem that way.

Thank you for listening.


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