Me and Gift Horses and Mouths

Here’s the thing:

It’s been a while, in my own head at least, since I wrote.  The last several blog posts you’ve been reading come from a very proactive day at work when it was so slow I could saw the clock’s second hand decide to take a coffee break.  Since then, though, my life’s been a bit different, and that’s been making my attempts at writing a bit more difficult.  You see, I got a new job.  Or rather, a promotion at the same job.  A new role.  I’m loving it, but it does leave a little less time to do other things.  At least for now.

Which is a bit of a mixed bag, if I’m to be honest. Read more


A Hypocrite’s Musical Opinion

Here’s the thing:

Kids these days, they don’t understand the simple joy that was finding a hidden track on that CD you bought.  That moment when you finish the last track and realize that the CD is still playing, so you wait with held breath for the next three minutes.  The euphoric joy as the first chords are played.  Magical.  Then there came the inward pain that came when you realized that you loved that song, and you had to search for it every time.  But it was worth.  Oh, was it worth it.   Read more

Style: I Ain’t Got None

Here’s the thing:

Today, I want to talk about style.  Or more specifically, composition styles.  Now, as far as I am concerned, there is a massive difference between composition styles and writing styles.  Both of these come into play whenever I’m designing or writing anything.  They’re the little things in the back of my head that are always fiddling about with the words on the page.

But before I go any further, a disclaimer.  If it isn’t obvious, I’m self-taught.  Granted, I’m an English major, but that for English Literature not Composition.  Also, that was 10 years ago now.  So I don’t know the correct terms for all these ideas that I’m going to be throwing around.  I’ll try to define them, but if they fall flat or are still incomprehensible, please speak up.  Any comments or questions, I will try to answer as completely as I can.  So let’s get started….. Read more

This Week’s Distraction is Brought to You By—

Here’s the thing:

I’m distracted.  Distracted by everything and nothing, at the same time.  Life and all that.  Meh.  It is what it is.  But when it comes to my writing, the big distraction is not so much life itself, but the other stories.  And there are plenty of those.

Take, for example, last Tuesday.  The town I live in has an old, beaten-up, and run-down theater.  I’ve been inside once, maybe twice, and it’s worse on the inside.  Everything’s torn up or missing, and there’s a faint odor of mold.  Some TLC and it’ll be back to it’s glory days.  But it’s claim to fame is that in the 1930’s (I think) John Dillinger shot up the place.  There’s still bullets in the walls. Read more

The Start-Over

Here’s the thing:

I ran into a problem the other day.  For the last month (maybe?), I’ve been working on a new novel.  Which is all fine and dandy.  I’m even further into it than I thought I was, topping off at about 14,000 words.  That was a pleasant surprise to find out.

Only that number’s a bit misleading. Read more